Information about Reggio Emilia in the public space

Ever since starting our work, we have been sharing information about the Reggio Emilia Approach in various ways. The website features an informative article named ‘Reggio Approaches at a Pārdaugava Preschool’, which describes the basic principles of the Putnu dārzs preschool with pictures from the Putnu dārzs environment. In the ‘Family Studio’ programme on Latvian Radio 1, we spoke about the differences between the Reggio Emilia Approach and other alternative teaching methods, as well as other innovations in the field of education in Latvia. Ireta Čekse provided academic insight into the history of the development of the approach and more detailed information about the conditions of implementation of the approach, considering the positive experience of other countries, during a guest lecture in the ‘Educational Environment’ course at the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Art of the University of Latvia.

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